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Relative Humidity or RH Relative Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared to the total maximum moisture air can hold at a given temperature.

Seed storage demands highest levels of sophistication in maintaining Relative Humidity to maintain their composure of 'Ready to be Sown' and TTACS with pre-fabricated paneled technology competently addresses this with superlative technology of Solid Desiccant based system surpassing the old and environmentally hazardous technology of using liquid (Lithium Chloride) as Desiccant.

Pre-fabricated panelled technology is used in providing storage compartments to suit the respective product storage as per the Product Conditioning. Thus keeping the seeds preserved with quality retained.



We are located in the heart of Medchal Industrial Area which is surrounded by multinational seed companies and is about 35 Km from the main city.

This enables us to cater to the ever growing needs of MNC's, traders, importers & exporters. Our proximity to the major cities and agriculture produce markets ie. seeds, vegetables, fruits, Pulses etc. Enable us to give prompt delivery and minimizing pilferage during transit is a great advantage to our customers.

The ideal location of TTACS makes it easily accessible to our valuable clients to store their precious produce at a faster pace and save their time and money.

In addition to being within the arms reach of seed manufacturing companies, we are well connected by a 6-track National Highway (NH-7)

Safe Storage
Healthy Storage

All the fruits & flowers of all the tomorrow's are in the seeds of today.

In the present age, emphasis is on the environmental quality of the products and we stand a mile ahead in adopting environmentally friendly technologies. The first measure that commands appreciation is the application of Sold Desiccant which is simple and economical method of moisture control based dehumidification system.


Our Moisture
Removal Partner

Bry-Air : FLI 10500-Our Moisture Removal Partner.

To Dehumidity of Dehumidification- literally mean "Pulling out or removing moisture / humidity from the air"

Designed aesthetically the FLi series dehumidifiers are used for complete air handling and environment control needs. Engineered to highest consistency, reliability and ecology the industrial dehumidifier removes moisture from air on a continuous basis. They remove humidity to the desired constant level. They are used successfully for research and development, manufacturing, processing, drying, testing, storage and packaging in almost all industries.

Percentage of relative humidity and temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, in storage environment should add up to 100 (approx). This is known as the Harrington Rule.

Moisture content of seeds should be kept low and constant, which can be achieved in humidity and temperature controlled storage facilities, which is provided by TTACS.

De-Humidified Cold Storage for seeds is essential to protect seeds from damage due to changing weather and to retain the germination potential.

De-Humidified Cold Storage, where the humidity is constantly maintained between 40% to 50%, eliminates the risk of fungi.

Research has shown that fungi are completely inactive where the relative humidity is below 60%.